Sheepherder Casserole


Use singly or mix lamb shanks, lamb necks, or lean lamb ribs.  It is very important to use a heavy cast-iron Dutch oven or a heavy utensil.

Place in layers in the Dutch oven the following ingredients, in the following order:

Meat, salt, pepper, chopped parsley, and chopped garlic.

Medium to large onions, quartered and tucked under and about the meat.

Carrots, cut in 3 to 4-inch lengths.

Potatoes, cut in 2 to 3-inch chunks.

Long strips of green peppers.

Across the last layer, place long strips of bacon.

Cover with heavy lid, and bake in oven at 350’ for 1&1/2 -2 hours.












All recipes from From the Basque Kitchen, published by Zazpiak-Bat Basque Club, copyright 1973. Photos by Tiffany Moore

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