• Dominique Laxalt’s Basque Cabin at Smoke Creek Canyon Ranch

    About thirty five miles northeast of Reno is Pyramid Lake, the gem of Paiute Indian country, its glassy, still waters a mystical barrier between the dimensions of sky and the subterranean geothermal forces below.

  • Robert Laxalt

    Interview with Robert Laxalt biographer, Warren Lerude, by Lucas Pakele. “His Basque Heritage was an amazing magnet for his entire writing life and personal life.”

  • Dominique Laxalt Marlette Lake Sheep Camp

    A favorite retreat of the Laxalt children was their father Dominique’s sheep camp up at Marlette Lake, where he had purchased more than a hundred acres of grazing land high in the Sierras, two thousand feet above the eastern shores of Lake Tahoe.

  • Living with the Basque Heritage

    Interview with Pete Etchart, by Jenny Mortimore. “I remember going with my dad to Reno to Louis Basque Corner or to the Sante Fe.”