JT Basque Bar and Restaurant

The J. T Basque, Bar and Restaurant in downtown Gardnerville captures the conviviality, the sense of family bred service, the reliability of a good, hearty meal served with wine, that has come to represent the traditional fare of a Nevadan, Basque kitchen.

Running Sheep the Traditional Way

For explorers of the outer reaches of Northern Nevada, hoping to get a feel for the life of the remote and legendary west, a trip into the desert lands that straddle the triangle northeast and northwest of Reno could turn up some surprises and iconic images of the past.

The Santa Fe

There has been a Basque boarding house or hotel in the location of the current Santa Fe Hotel since the first decade of the twentieth century.

Robert Laxalt

Interview with Robert Laxalt biographer, Warren Lerude, by Lucas Pakele. “His Basque Heritage was an amazing magnet for his entire writing life and personal life.”

Dominique Laxalt Marlette Lake Sheep Camp

A favorite retreat of the Laxalt children was their father Dominique’s sheep camp up at Marlette Lake, where he had purchased more than a hundred acres of grazing land high in the Sierras, two thousand feet above the eastern shores of Lake Tahoe.


Basque sheepherders have largely been absent from American folklore; their lonely travails did not easily lend themselves to dramatic interpretation.