• Dominique Laxalt’s Basque Cabin at Smoke Creek Canyon Ranch

    About thirty five miles northeast of Reno is Pyramid Lake, the gem of Paiute Indian country, its glassy, still waters a mystical barrier between the dimensions of sky and the subterranean geothermal forces below.

  • JT Basque Bar and Restaurant

    The J. T Basque, Bar and Restaurant in downtown Gardnerville captures the conviviality, the sense of family bred service, the reliability of a good, hearty meal served with wine, that has come to represent the traditional fare of a Nevadan, Basque kitchen.

  • Running Sheep the Traditional Way

    For explorers of the outer reaches of Northern Nevada, hoping to get a feel for the life of the remote and legendary west, a trip into the desert lands that straddle the triangle northeast and northwest of Reno could turn up some surprises and iconic images of the past.

  • Basque Recipe Book

    Recipe book on tradition Basque dishes including photographs and step-by-step instructions to make the dishes yourself.