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The teaching hospital metaphor, expanded version

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As I’ve written elsewhere (From the Teaching Hospital to the Entrepreneurial Model of Journalism Education), I think the metaphor of a ‘teaching hospital’ for journalism education is problematic. But setting aside the limitations of the concept, Eric Newton recently gave a speech to Dutch educators that includes three useful suggestions for organizing journalism education:

(1) build capacity for emergency journalistic first aid
(2) run clinics for practice in community journalism
(3) create entrepreneurial labs for experimenting with new tools and practices

It’s worth watching/reading: The ‘teaching hospital’ — a goal for journalism education

The “Newton Triad” can be a useful way to categorize the activities of journalism schools. But clinics/labs/classes/skunk works/programs — whatever we call them — we need to better understand and provide what our students (and faculties) need to be able to question, analyze and rigorously test old assumptions and new opportunities for journalistic practice. Watch George Brock of City University of London reflect on Eric Newton’s speech here, making a related argument:

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January 3rd, 2014 at 5:05 pm

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