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Beyond content creation

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Wireframe for Google Venture homepage, Braden Kowitz, Flickr, Creative Commons.

This from Gerry McGovern today, emphasizing again that “content” means more than it used to, as the fluidity of information reshapes jobs and institutions:

If you are a web content professional your job is linking, navigating and searching far more than it is content creation. On the Web, your content is valueless unless it is well linked, easy to navigate to and easy to find. That is not someone else’s job. It’s yours.

We don’t work on the homepage. We work on the network. The Web is a network and those who work on the Web are networkers. The link is the essence of the Web. Web writing is link writing. Don’t think control, think sharing. How shareable is your content? Don’t think homepage. There’s no direction home on the Web because home changes based on the context of what people want to do…..
Links are the currency of the Web, not content, and links are an inherently collaborative and sharing activity. Nothing lives in isolation on the Web. Every page is a homepage for someone.Gerry McGovern, The continued decline of the homepage, Nov. 30 2014

As journalism educators, we need to widen our conception of what we teach so that it has meaning to the entire scope of communication our students will engage in.

Written by Donica

November 30th, 2014 at 3:52 pm