Raw Food Rehab

The raw food diet offers the safest alternative to detoxifying the body of free radicals. In addition to its amazing detoxification benefits, the raw food diet can be planned long term to keep the body clean of all impurities. The human body will maintain its detoxifying process as long as fresh, whole foods are consumed in their rawest forms. As a result, the individual will achieve optimal health. Detoxification involves the metabolic process of changing free radicals into less toxic excrement. The accumulation of toxins occurs through the air we breathe, the showers we take in the morning, the food we eat throughout the day, and the water we drink. Many people automatically assume that exposure to toxins is unavoidable; however, this only rings true if the individual does not actively combat this exposure by exercising healthy living.

As with any detoxification regimen, the raw food rehab diet can cause some pretty nasty symptoms for those coming off the Standard American Diet (SAD). For instance, most report experiencing agonizing headaches, nausea, exhaustion, dizziness, mucus, and white coating on the tongue. These symptoms show that the body is actively eliminating these toxins. Inquiring minds often wonder why the body stores these toxins in the first place. The truth lies with the body natural elimination process. The digestive system can only eliminate a small percentage of accumulated toxins. To put in perspective, human digestion requires anywhere between twenty minutes to a half hour for most raw foods. However, it can take hours or even days to fully digest cooked foods. For the amount of time it takes to concentrate on digesting these foods, the human body neglects to cleanse itself. The more gluttonous we become, the longer it takes the body to naturally eliminate these toxins.

The raw food rehab diet proves ideal for those looking to cleanse themselves in the most efficient way imaginable for a couple of reasons. For starters, raw fruits and vegetables leave no sludge behind in the intestinal walls that stresses the colon. A raw food rehab diet allows the body to eliminate waste, while ensuring that the body does not accumulate more toxins. Secondly, raw fruits and vegetables contain digestive enzymes that break down the food ingested. Cooked foods tax the body of the necessary energy to detoxify the body of its accumulated toxins. Upon waking in the morning, go to the mirror and observe the white coating on the tongue. This white coating serves as evidence that the body has detoxed while sleeping. Eat eggs and then observe the tongue in the mirror. If the white coating has disappeared, then it means the body has stopped detoxifying.

The raw food diet reigns supreme over other detoxification diets, such as the Master Cleanse, or the lemon diet that emphasizes drinking lemon water for a specific time period to eliminate toxins. Fasting can eliminate toxins; however, it can cause complications for those who require medical supervision. The raw food rehab diet poses minimal risk, because it still offers caloric intake with the benefits of consuming whole foods. The other options require almost no caloric intake on a primarily liquid diet. As soon as the body halts its detoxification process, the individual will likely gorge to re-balance itself after depriving the body of its necessary calories. This will defeat the purpose of the cleanse itself, especially if an individual relapses back to their old eating habits.

To start a raw food rehab diet, each participant must start eat raw foods immediately, or gradually introduce themselves until reaching their goal. Each approach will depend on the individual's preference. Some people cannot resist after gradually eliminating and adding certain foods. Some quit cooked foods overnight to achieve results. The goal of starting a raw food rehab diet is to allow the body the chance to eliminate free radicals using one of the two aforementioned options.

A raw food diet consists of eating at least seventy-five percent whole foods in their uncooked forms. Cooked foods lose their enzymes after reaching a heating point of 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The raw food community has differing opinions on what an individual should consume. For instance, some advocate a 100% raw food diet, while others encourage lightly steaming certain vegetables for optimal results. The best advice comes from the inner voice that knows what the body can handle. Not everyone reacts the same way to the raw food diet. Some may need to introduce eggs, milk, and dairy. Others might need to remove all animal-based products from their diet. Only the individual knows what he or she can handle. In the end, the raw food rehab diet will produce astonishing results that will enliven the body from its previous deadened state.

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