Raw Food Recipes for Beginners

Beginning raw foodists may want to consider a slow transition from their regular diets by gradually adding uncooked fruits and vegetables to their entrees. A slow transition allows the body to adjust to the new diet, while researching and creating raw food recipes. As with any other meal plan, raw food recipes should cater to the individual's preference. Seasoned raw foodists recommend beginners to start with a half raw diet until getting acquainted with the changes. As a friendly reminder, all raw food recipes should adhere to the standard definition of not heating food beyond 118 degrees Fahrenheit. This also includes pasteurized, canned, and frozen products, which have been previously cooked beyond the aforementioned threshold; however, frozen fruits and the majority of wines are an exception to this rule. In addition, raw food recipes should also contain live sprouts, and pro-biotic foods, such as pickled vegetables, kombucha, salad dressing, and miso.

Raw food diet recipes mainly emphasize fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, coconut, avocado, and sea vegetables. Other ingredients include dried and frozen fruit, sun-dried tomatoes, whole olives, vinegar, cold pressed oils, raw vinegar, raw honey, raw soy sauce, and agave nectar. Raw nut butters are a staple for most easy raw food recipes; however, be careful to read the labels to ensure that the product did not reach the 118 degree Fahrenheit threshold. Beginning raw foodists usually think that this diet has impossible restrictions to creating easy raw food recipes; however, many enthusiasts have used these ingredients to make cakes, chili, hummus, pizza, sandwiches, cookies, brownies, pasta, chips and dip, and pies. Some easy raw recipes even include mock creations, such as tuna and burgers.

A lot of easy raw food recipes include unfamiliar superfoods, such as chia seeds, goji berries, raw cacao, medjool dates, hemp seeds, and raw coconut butter. The raw food diet has increased in popularity, which has many manufacturers catering to this niche audience in natural markets. Even though many of these items can be found prepackaged, the fun in creating some raw foods recipes makes this diet interesting. Parents can get their children engaged in preparing savory raw foods recipes. Children will grow fond of sweet raw food diet recipes, such as raw ice creams, sherbets, cereals, energy bars, raw vegetable sushi. Some raw enthusiasts advocate using raw animal products in their raw food recipes for beginners, such as organic red meat, free-range eggs, raw milk, and raw cheese.

Many of the raw food recipes for beginners require special kitchen equipment. These raw foods recipes may require the use of blenders, juicers, spiral slicers, food processors, and dehydrators. The basis of the many raw food recipes for beginners includes raw smoothies, juice blends, and soups. Many raw food enthusiasts love to consume fresh juice, which requires a heavy duty juicer or a trip to a local juice bar. Quick pizza, pasta, and lasagna substitutes require a vegetable spiralizer and dehydrator to create Italian raw foods recipes. Dehydrators can create breads, crackers, cereals, and vegetable burgers for more advance raw foods recipes. Dehydrators extract moisture from foods over several hours, which creates foods that taste as if they were cooked.

Consider adding unusual vegetables to custom raw food diet recipes, such as mushrooms, kale, zucchini, cauliflower, beets, carrots, spinach, eggplant, and corn. Experiment with different fruits and vegetable combinations to find out what satisfies the tongue's taste buds. Soak nuts, seeds, beans, and grains overnight for a raw alternative to cooked versions of these foods. Use a cheese grater or carrot peeler to create raw pasta if the local grocer does not carry spiral slicers. This will make mock noodles. Use a well-known raw sauce and pour over these noodles for tasty raw pasta. The sky is the limit to creating raw food diet recipes. Although it might prove difficult at first, adapting a raw food diet will make the experience a worthwhile investment in the end, especially for those accustomed to the Standard American Diet (SAD).

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